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Our partners bring their extensive expertise in AI, deep learning, video encoding, cloud system architectures, and carbon accounting to develop energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions across the streaming value chain. Together, we are determined to employ pioneering technologies and make a valuable contribution to climate conservation. Through this dedicated collaboration, we are achieving our goal of researching and developing sustainable video technologies that enable resource-efficient and responsible use of streaming content.

Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS

Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research

Fraunhofer FOKUS conducts research on digital transformation and its impact on economics, technology, and our society. The FOKUS Business Unit Future Applications and Media (FAME) develops future technologies in the domain of AI and Deep Learning for Media, Multiscreen Applications, Internet delivered Media and Personalization. Moreover, FAME is an active member and contributor in various standardization bodies, especially HbbTV, W3C, MPEG-DASH and CTA. Fraunhofer FOKUS will play a central role in the project as consortium leader and will contribute its expertise and testbeds in the areas of connected TV, media streaming, context-aware video encoding, stream analytics and AI to the research and development of sustainable video technologies and evaluate their feasibility based on the planned measurements, implementation of AI-supported streaming workflows and realization of a green streaming mode for video players.

Deutsche Telekom AG

Europe's largest telecommunications company

T-Labs is the R&D department of Deutsche Telekom focusing on translating new technology trends and delivering tangible results into Deutsche Telekom’s innovation portfolio. Our current research areas are: Future Networks, Spatial Computing, Network Security and Digital Twin and Decentralized Systems. #Co-Research is the key mission for the team, with the vision of achieving a superior customer experience and exploring disruptive technologies for future telecommunications infrastructures. From our base in Berlin we are cooperating with multiple universities in Germany, Europe, Israel and globally. The key focus of Deutsche Telekom in the project is on measurement and acquisition of energy consumption data along the streaming value chain. The overall energy consumption and the CO2 footprint are to be identified. The influence of the streaming data rate on the energy consumption in the content delivery network (CDN), in the core, fixed and mobile network are to be analysed and calculated by means of different use cases and parameter sets. From this, appropriate measures are derived to optimize energy consumption for different video streaming services.


Public broadcaster for the states of Berlin and Brandenburg

rbb is the public broadcaster for Berlin and Brandenburg and employs around 1.900 permanent staff and a large number of freelancers. In addition to rbb television and six radio stations, it offers an extensive range of multimedia content across apps, social media channels, smart speaker services and the rbb Mediathek. rbb is as a modern media house and views innovation as a key element, driving digitization forward. The rbb external projects unit in the Technical Innovation Management (TIM) department has been successfully acquiring research and development projects for more than two decades. In research projects, interdisciplinary teams with experts from science and industry work to implement the latest media and technology standards for rbb’s programmes and products. In recent years the use of AI in media production and preparation has emerged as central topic. TIM and rbb’s Distribution Department will cooperate closely to produce solutions that will benefit the climate protection goals of the entire ARD.

LOGIC media solutions

The experts in moving images for all types of infrastructure

LOGIC media solutions GmbH (LOGIC) is a Germany-based system architect for hybrid professional moving image infrastructures. LOGIC has been designing, delivering, installing, maintaining and training “state of the art” technology for more than 25 years. The company implements workflows for live and file-based productions locally in data centers, on Amazon Web Services in the cloud or freely scalable in both worlds. LOGIC is, among other things, a certified AWS partner and combines its know-how in cloud system architectures with the requirements of live production.

With this expertise, LOGIC’s project focus is on the design and development of cloud-based and hybrid system architectures for media production and distribution. In the context of accompanying the complete course of the project, all results of the other project phases and project participants flow into these considerations. In this process, LOGIC combines its experience from many live production projects with the knowledge of complex system architectures. As a final result, LOGIC develops system architecture blueprints for different production scenarios, which will be validated by the realization of a pilot system.


Your carbon footprint awareness partner for active climate protection

KlimAktiv GmbH for the promotion of climate protection contributes the necessary expertise on sustainability and carbon footprints. KlimAktiv is responsible for translating the energy measurements along the value chain into a credible CO2 footprint of streaming.

KlimAktiv takes the lead within the work package “Assessment of sustainability and transfer to economy and society” and moreover supports the identification of necessary measurement points, the definition of measurement data, and the concrete measurements and data collection.

The Chainless

AI start-up from Freiburg

The Chainless GmbH is a software startup founded in 2018 in the field of computer vision and machine learning with a focus on the development of their AI platform DeepVA to extract information from audiovisual data. DeepVA enables organizations to easily integrate AI technology into their own workflows and to easily build their own custom AI models.

The AI platform provides comprehensive audio and video analytics for broadcasters, city archives, streaming services and digital asset management providers. Artificial intelligence allows users to create training data and build custom models in areas such as face recognition, object and scene recognition, landmark recognition, speech-to-text and text recognition.

The Chainless is bringing its AI expertise to the project and will support context-aware video encoding through computer vision models and drive the AI optimisation of sustainable streaming workflows.