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Technologies and solutions for energy-efficient and sustainable video streaming

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Energy-efficient and sustainable streaming for a green future of digital media

In the age of ever-expanding video streaming options online, we are thoroughly examining energy efficiency and sustainability across the entire streaming value chain. Our project seeks to assess and optimise all components, from A/V encoders to content delivery networks and end devices. With the aid of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are crafting an eco-friendly digital clone of the streaming value chain that will support the optimal system parameters for sustainable operation and eco-friendly use of streaming content. Be part of the green future of video streaming!

Source: Fraunhofer FOKUS

Facts and figures


Analysis of all components throughout the streaming value chain in terms of their energy efficiency, including A/V encoders, packaging, content delivery networks (CDN), A/V players and end devices

Artificial Intelligence

Use of machine learning techniques and AI models (artificial intelligence), developing a green digital twin of the streaming value chain


Identification of appropriate measurement points, definition of measurement variables, collection of component-specific measurement data and utilization for optimizing the effect chain with real-time data from processing and playback processes


Result Measurable and thus assessable streaming value chain that enables sustainable operation and use of streaming content in terms of its carbon footprint in an automated, adaptive and self-learning manner

Our partner

Our partners for sustainable streaming

Our partners bring their extensive expertise in AI, deep learning, video encoding, cloud system architectures, and carbon accounting to develop energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions across the streaming value chain. Together, we are determined to employ pioneering technologies and make a valuable contribution to climate conservation. Through this dedicated collaboration, we are achieving our goal of researching and developing sustainable video technologies that enable resource-efficient and responsible use of streaming content.

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Development, testing, and application of a measurable and evaluable sustainable digital media value chain that enables seamless, holistic and proven 'green' delivery of streaming content.